Square Game

     You have found a secret enterance into the Square which contains lots of coins and secured by the Guards. Unless getting cought by the Guards collect the coins as many as you can. However , you have better to know , if you get cought you will be knocked down. You should be so careful.
     During the game , Square will be making some tricks for you. While ,The Square is moving and rotating ,it will be hard to move to the right direction. But , when you are in trouble , you can use your special powers. They will help you to feel more comfortable.
Bomb: You can use bomb only once in a game. This power vanishes all the guards in the Square
Invisibility: When you are in the dead end road , you can be invisible and you can roam in the Square safely.
Magnet: This provides you to collect the coins easily. In that case, you don't need to take risks in order to collect the coins.

     If you want to get these special powers or upgrade them , you should get game coins which is directly proportional with the point. The more point you get in the game , The more game coins you earn. Moreover , you can puchase game coins in the game.

The coins in the Square waiting for you!

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