Angry People

     Time to take revenge from birds who crapped to your head. The birds are charging waves after waves and you are the one to stop them. If you are good at aiming, use your slingshot and stop them. Rocks are not the only weapon, you also have bomb and fireball powerups to unleash the anger.

★★★2 MODES★★★
•Arcade Mode : Try to get highest point in 1 minute.
•Survivor Mode: Do not allow, 10 birds to pass to the right side.

•Rain Drop: If you hit the rain drop , Birds get faster.
•Battery : Provides you a full power.
•Fireball : Gives you "10 Fireball" throws.
•Bomb : Vanishes all the birds on screen.
•Snowflake: If you hit the snowflake , Birds get slower.
•Just slide your finger on the slingshot.
•If you want to change the rock type , you can click the icon on the top of the screen.

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